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The Peau d’Ane Rehearsal
After Charles Perrault’s Donkey Skin
‘La répétition de Peau d’Ane’ by Anne-Caroline d’Arnaudy

Devised by Exchange Theatre, adapted from Charles Perrault by Fanny Dulin and David Furlong
With Benedict Cooper, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong and Claire Meade

Peau d’Ane (Donkey skin) is a very famous tale in France. It was made into a cult movie with Catherine Deneuve.
Exchange Theatre brings it to London for family audiences, in English, with little French in it.

The Peau d’Ane Rehearsal :  A company of actors, a director and a technician decide to put on Peau  d’Ane, the famous tale by Charles Perrault, but they don’t know the story and don’t have enough performers. But the show must go on, and they need to  perform the fairy tale! The magic of theatre operates when they discover a  treasure: costumes! ‘Let’s improvise’ says the director! And they start  telling one of the craziest tales by Charles Perrault. The children will have no choice but to come on stage to help them perform the show!

“What a great way to bring children on stage!” – Myriam, mother at the Andre Malraux school

‘A wonderful adaptation and great show for children’ – Ophelie Ramonatxo, director of the library of the French Institute

The show has been performed twice at the French Institute as part of the season “Au Theatre, this sunday” and toured various schools around London.We’re currently adapting it for outdoors.

Institut Francais – May 2012
School Tour – April 2015 and May 2017

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