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CLOSED LANDS by Simon Grangeat

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Introduction of Closed Lands The English premiere of Closed Lands (Terres Closes), by French award-winning playwright Simon Grangeat, performed by an all-female international cast as part of VAULT Festival. Why is the ‘free world’ obsessed with walls? A unique fusion of poetry, satire, reportage, and traveller’s diary, Closed Lands traces the history of modern walls – real […]

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Misanthrope by MolièreThe Misanthrope, or the deepest play by Moliere, presented alternately in English and French from the 19th June till the 7th July 2018 at Camden People’s Theatre. Alceste is an honourable and outspoken man, in love with Célimene, a bright but slightly vain socialite. Tormented by a trial, he confides to his friend Philinte […]

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ET TOI ISMENE? after Henry Bauchau

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Et toi Ismène?, adaptation from Antigone by Henry BauchauWith Fanny Dulin, Julie Vignau and Ingrid SakerVideos Aseel Al Yaqoub, Stephan Palmyre and David Furlong “I am the only one in the family who thinks of happiness, my own happiness, which I try to preserve from the ambitions of Eteocles, the sovereign laughter of Polynices and […]

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ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh

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Introduction of Antigone by Jean Anouilh Antigone by Jean Anouilh Her family dead, killed through bitter civil war. Antigone defies the laws of the land to bury her brother as he deserves. But the new king, clasping his court in a strangle hold, cannot allow such insubordination. Antigone must choose: obey the law and betray […]

LADY MAC WATA staged by David Furlong

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Lady Mac WataWith Magali Muxart, Elisa Alexis and David Furlong.Directed by David Furlong. Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Feb 2012 An actress prepares to play Lady Macbeth. She can’t find her dark and criminal side, and decides  to invoke ” Mamie Wata “, a witch  from her childhood in Afrika. Lady Mac Wata is a trip […]

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MEDEE KALI by Laurent Gaudé

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Laurent Gaudé ‘s sequel to the myth Of MedeaMédée Kali: ‘Do you want to know what is that fear in my eyes, which contaminates passers by from just one look’. A graphic sequel to one of the most terrifying myth of Greek Antiquity, by genius living best-selling author Laurent Gaudé. Presentation of Médée Kali Médée […]