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Feminine Feminine (Adj, f ) [feminε̃, in]: relating to woman, women / that looks like a woman. Since 2006, Exchange Theatre produces major unknown French plays in their first English version. After a two years creative residency at the French Institute, exploring bilingualism on stage, and a double production in both French and English of […]

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ART by Yasmina Reza

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Exchange Theatre’s take on Yasmina Reza ‘s classic play. Written in 1994 and translated in 40 languages, Art by Yasmina Reza has been performed and awarded all over the world. “Moliere” awards in France, Tony Award for Best Foreign play in the US and Laurence Olivier Award in the UK. After our successful runs of […]

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Misanthrope by MolièreThe Misanthrope, or the deepest play by Moliere, presented alternately in English and French from the 19th June till the 7th July 2018 at Camden People’s Theatre. Alceste is an honourable and outspoken man, in love with Célimene, a bright but slightly vain socialite. Tormented by a trial, he confides to his friend Philinte […]


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La Vie Eternelle by David Furlong “A very good play”, “A delight” , “An absolute must-see” – (Billet Reduc.com) La Vie Éternelle, a romantic comedy with a vampire ! Before BUSINESS (“An important piece” Fringereview, produced in 2007), before SQUARE(D) (produced in New Ambassadors Fresh Ideas 2010), there was LA VIE ETERNELLE, which David Furlong, […]

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SQUARE(d) by David Furlong

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Square(d) new play by David Furlong, translated by Benedict Cooper. Selected as part of Fresh ideas season at the New Wimbledon Theatre studio 2010 Square(d) is a farce. Four friends realize over one evening that they have the same comfort, same meaningless life and the same lover! Through a series of rare disasters, the unbelievable makes them question […]

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BUSINESS by David Furlong

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Presentation of Business by David Furlong Business written and directed by David Furlong. An Englishman, a Frenchman and an American are in an airport in Siberia. A globalised comedy pushing further the visual and sonic work, devised with ten dazzling moments of theatricalism. “It’s an English man, a French man and an American stuck in […]

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CLOCKS after Jules Verne

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Clocks after Jules VerneDevised by and with Alex Kanefsky and David Furlong.Lighting design: Benedict Cooper.Video design: David Furlong. Institut Français April 2011.Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town, Feb 2012. Alex and David created « CLOCKS ! »  for the creative resideny of kids shows at the French Institute, as a hilarious 50 minutes rendition of a unknown Jules […]

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A FAMILY AFFAIR adapted by Andy de la Tour

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A Family Affair adapted by Andy de la TourThe Award winning French play presented again alternately in English and French produced in association with The Art Fabric at The Drayton Arms Theatre. With two casts composed of Jamie Alderson, Nathalie Adam, Pauline Cousty, Alexander Devrient, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Guillaume Laroche, Jerry Marwood, Morgan Sebode, […]

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THE FEYDEAU Double-Bill staged by Gael Colin

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The Feydeau Double-Bill : A House Bath by Georges Feydeau directed by Gael ColinMadame’s Late Mother by Georges Feydeau directed by Samuel MillerTranslated by David Furlong and Fanny Dulin The Feydeau Double-Bill The first translations in thirty years of short one-act Feydeau farces. Two classics of French comedy based on the simplest misunderstanding, in a […]