SQUARE(d) by David Furlong

poster play squared david furlong

Square(d) new play by David Furlong, translated by Benedict Cooper.
Selected as part of Fresh ideas season at the New Wimbledon Theatre studio 2010

Square(d) is a farce. Four friends realize over one evening that they have the same comfort, same meaningless life and the same lover! Through a series of rare disasters, the unbelievable makes them question themselves. Their lives take a u-turn, for better, or worse ? Square(d) is a comedy about adults facing doubts in a credit-crunch era. What happens when they realize that the goals and dreams they’ve pursued half their lives, aren’t really fulfilling? What is the purpose of a consumerist society?

Why is your phone so tiny? Why do you own a rabbit as a pet? Do you really need an electric barbecue? Square(d)’s design is inspired by a single shot from the movie Fight Club where a character walks in a catalogue page. It’s a play about consumerism. Square(d) takes us deep into the madness of the situation as farces really are the most chaotic form of theatre ! Very influenced by “In yer face theatre” from the nineties, Tarantino and Grunge music, Square(d) is an edgy and funny way of looking at questions that people ask themselves today.

« Very entertaining with a reminiscence of Shallow Grave » – Nuala Calvi (freelance journalist The Guardian- The Stage) – 2010

Director: Francesca Seeley
Production design: Mike Lees
Producer: Fanny Dulin, Benedict Cooper.
Cast: Duncan Barrett, David Furlong, Stephen Leask, Toby Manley and the Rabbit.

In partnership with the Creature Company (Pet Shop)
March 2010 – New Wimbledon Studio

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