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Language for students

Languages for Students was designed to for secondary and A level students. In line with our education approach to share and discover, we adapt them the present literary works in keeping with the school curriculum. It allows students to go deeper into the author’s work with the use of improvisation, acting and glimpses of directions.

We currently offer L’Etranger by Albert Camus, Candide by Voltaire, Les Mains Sales by Jean-Paul Sartre, Boule de Suif by Maupassant, Tartuffe by Molière and Le Château de ma Mère by Marcel Pagnol. We are happy to work on other novels, plays or scripts.

The workshop leaders are native French and professional actors. They are DRB checked.

The workshop can be 1h or 1h30 and it needs a minimum of five sessions. The more sessions you have, the more the bigger the student’s input will be!!

“We only had six sessions on l’Etranger but the girls put on a fantastic show. Fanny’s dedication, great knowledge and passion for the book really pushed the girls beyond their limits. It was a great help in the preparation of their exams.”
Aude Boulanger, JAGS, London

Understanding the piece

The workshop leader and the students talk a lot about the piece. How much have they already understood, what are its theme, who are the characters… They also do some improvisation on the book.

The authors and their world

The author has a special place in France writing history. It is important for the students to know their other works to understand why and how this particular novel was written.

Devising and writing

After lots of drama exercises, the group finds some key moments of the story. Together with the workshop leader, they choose the most important scenes and start writing their own play version.

Directing and performing

The workshop leader casts the play and directs the students.

In term of space, a drama studio or hall is ideal. But a class room free of chair or table can also work.

For the performance, we are happy to do it in a class room. But if you have more to offer, we would happily perform there. It is your choice whether you wish this performance to be public or not. Do communicate on this with the workshop leader, as we are sure they want the best for the pupils and present a good performance.

Prices and more details on demand. Contact Fanny to book on 0207 403 8560 – 07903311723

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