Language for Pupils

Language for pupils, drama based language workshops

The aim of LANGUAGE FOR PUPILS is to show young students that they can understand and talk another language more than they think. The whole workshop will encourage them to use the vocabulary they know and learn some more, with very simple games and with the utmost fun, in keeping with the educational aim. The workshop leaders are native speakers and professional actors. They will adapt the games and drama activities to the level of the students.

It is suitable for pupils from year 4 up to year 11. It is tailor made to the school needs. Language for Pupils is a workshop created by Fanny Dulin, a French actress experienced in teaching and performing for and with young audiences. It is available in German, Spanish and French.

“An enjoyable experience for the students. They had a lot of fun and it was great to see them performing in French. This workshop has enabled them to see languages as something fun, enriching, maybe challenging but not insurmountable.”

Sarah Decroucq, St Peter’s School, Bournemouth

I didn’t know I knew that much French!” “I wish it was longer and I now want to go to France to show off my French!”

Antish and Livia, year 9 students, Claremont High, Harrow

Various workshops for Language for pupils

Physical warm up:

Naming the parts of the body, directions and counting.

Drama Games

Usually we do two games. The first helps the students to use their vocabulary about objects, colours and shapes.

The second is about miming. There we are work on specific vocabulary (hobbies, jobs…)

Drama Scene

The leaders will perform a short scene from a play written specially for school students. Then they will talk about it with the students and after that by pair they will practice it and perform it in front of the group. At that point the leaders will help them with direction and pronunciation.

This workshop is aimed at groups up to 25 children and can last up to 1 h 30. We can repeat it as may time as require to cover years group.

Feel free to let us know if there is a particular vocabulary you would like us to use and we would be able to add it to the workshop.

In term of space, a drama studio or a hall is ideal. But a class room free of chairs and table can also work.

Prices and more details on demand. Discounts apply if you book more than one day and one language. The workshop is led by two native actors. They come with their own props and script. We may also apply a travelling fee if you are located more than 30 miles from central London.

Contact Fanny to book on 0207 403 8560 – 07903311723

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