La Vie Eternelle by David Furlong

A very good play”, “A delight” , “An absolute must-see” (Billet

La Vie Éternelle, a romantic comedy with a vampire !

Before BUSINESS (“An important piece” Fringereview, produced in 2007), before SQUARE(D) (produced in New Ambassadors Fresh Ideas 2010), there was LA VIE ETERNELLE, which David Furlong, artistic director of Exchange Theatre wrote in 2000. The cafe theatre des chartrons in Bordeaux, France, offered to create this very special comedy, both fantastic and romantic and the play attracted more than 2000 people.

A serial killer is out there. that’s why she never feels quite safe when she comes home late. However, each night she encounters her neighbour, serial lover, in the elevator. She likes him. But one night, as he knocks on her door, she’s about to find out that her serial lover is also the serial killer the telly is talking about and that behind his crimes, he hides a heavy secret.

Directed by Thierry Margot
With David Furlong and Anne-Sophie Perrier 

Excusez me de Benedict Cooper

“Brilliant like a sitcom pilot, more please” – The Camden New Journal

Eleanor needs to have sex – at least that’s what her sister thinks. Eleanor has finally agreed to a blind-date, although the last thing she was expecting was a Frenchman who doesn’t speak English. Between awkward introductions and mis-understandings, Eleanor’s date seems to be going rather well until her sister arrives in the arms of Jeremy – the real blind-date. What should have been an exciting evening for Eleanor turns into total disaster. Still, this may turn out to be the best blind-date Eleanor’s had since.well, who wants to remember a number like that?

Directed by Benedict Cooper
With David Furlong and Claire Jared 

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