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Feminine (Adj, f ) [feminε̃, in]: relating to woman, women / that looks like a woman.

Since 2006, Exchange Theatre produces major unknown French plays in their first English version. After a two years creative residency at the French Institute, exploring bilingualism on stage, and a double production in both French and English of Un air de famille (‘A work of modest brilliance’) the company goes back to its mothertongue to experiment with untranslated monologues for an all female ensemble. A show in their original language for the first time in the UK. Unheard contemporary French authors are presented to a French-speaking London audience.. Xavier Durringer, Virginie Despentes, Laurent Gaude feature in the new creation by Exchange Theatre. A show entirely dedicated to women’s voices.

With Nathalie Adam, Alexandra Bergeron, Géraldine Cottalorda, Fanny Dulin, Maud Madlyn, Magali Muxart, Emilie Perraudeau, Christine Renard and David Furlong

King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes
Maud Madlyn directed by Christine Renard
Fidelité by Xavier Durringer
Alexandra Bergeron directed by Fanny Dulin
La Derniere Battue by Magali Mougel
Géraldine Cottalorda directed by Nathalie Adam
Le Prunus by Noelle Renaude
Christine Renard directed by Magali Muxart
Histoire d’hommes by Xavier Durringer
Magali Muxart directed by Alexandra Bergeron
André de Philippe Minyana
Fanny Dulin directed by Emilie Perraudeau
Histoire d’hommes by Xavier Durringer
Christine Renard directed by Emilie Perraudeau
Tu Veux Pas by Laurent Gaudé
Nathalie Adam directed by Magali Muxart

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