A family affair and Un air de famille

The Award winning French play presented again alternately in English and French produced in association with The Art Fabric at The Drayton Arms Theatre.

With two casts composed of Jamie Alderson, Nathalie Adam, Pauline Cousty, Alexander Devrient, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Guillaume Laroche, Jerry Marwood, Morgan Sebode, Nathalie Smith, Carole Street, Blair Robertson

“One of the best evenings on the London fringe for a long time.”
Remote Goat 4 stars

“A Family Affair is a work of modest brilliance”

“Everything here is perfectly spick and span, well organised and genuinely enjoyable”
One stop Arts

“The translation bubbles with consistent lucidity”
Everything Theatre.com.

“I am already a great fan of French cinema and my expectations were not disappointed. An ensemble piece performed by a strong company of actors, there is no weak link in the chain”
Remote Goat.

“Cleo Harris Seaton’s set design transformed the performance room into a typically French cafĂ© bar”
Everything Theatre.com

A very succesful French comedy revived for the first time in London. A family Affair is a cult French play. A caustic comedy, by Agnes Jaoui and Jean Pierre Bacri (Cuisines et Dependances, Le Gout des autres), which won the best script award at the Cesar when they adapted it for the big screen. The play was produced in South Kensington at the heart of the Frenchiest London neighbourhood.

Like every Friday night, the Menard family get together at the “Pere Tranquille”, the cafĂ© owned by Henri, the eldest son who inherited the business. Henri (“Jerry Marwood is easily the star of the show”) can’t find his wife, which is a shame, as tonight is a night for celebrating: Henri’s younger brother Philippe was on TV; Betty, his sister, talked back to her boss; and it’s Yoyo’s (Philippe’s wife, “It falls to Fanny Dulin’s hilarious portrayal of simple, sweet Yolande”) Birthday. Their mother thinks it’s a good day to party, but today’s events dig up family stories and Madame Menard and her children start to wash their dirty linen whilst some hidden secrets are revealed to everyone. What if Denis, the waiter decided to interfere? Hopefully, the dog would stay in his place…

– A family affair (in English)
translation by Andy de La Tour
directed by Christine Renard
27th of June to 17th of July 2013 and 24th of June to 19th of July 2014

– Un air de famille (in French)
by Jean Pierre Bacri and Agnes Jaoui
directed by Emilie Perraudeau
25th of June to 13th of July 2013 and 27th of June to18th of July 2014


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