CLOSED LANDS by Simon Grangeat

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Introduction of Closed Lands

The English premiere of Closed Lands (Terres Closes), by French award-winning playwright Simon Grangeat, performed by an all-female international cast as part of VAULT Festival. Why is the ‘free world’ obsessed with walls?

A unique fusion of poetry, satire, reportage, and traveller’s diary, Closed Lands traces the history of modern walls – real and metaphorical – from Berlin to Mexico to Europe. Beginning in 1989 with the euphoria for the fall of the Berlin wall – “the end of shame” – it moves in space and time to Mexico, the Sahara Desert, and the wall of water surrounding “Fortress Europe”.

Details of the play

Closed Lands chronicles the “Free world’s” obsession with border walls and our journey back to shame. This production is based on factual research and performed by actors who are all migrants in the UK.

★★★★ “A harrowing picture of dehumanisation and unfairness, perfectly exhibiting how nationality and origins are an arbitrary matter of luck. A darkly comic take on migration surfaces with the sale of preventing procedures, methods of reclusion, and pure violence in the form of glamorous ads. (…) The company succeeds in delivering a poignant and educational portrayal of the state of political divide.” BroadwayWorld

In association with Exchange Theatre, LegalAliens’ powerful and evocative multimedia production features five women rotating through the roles of migrant, politician, citizen, CEO and a VIP bot, all part of a perverse and random mechanism.

Simon Grangeat is a French playwright. His writing weaves documentary, real testimonies and fiction into original dramaturgies that have been welcomed with warm reception all across Europe.

From left to right:  Becka McFadden (US, UK), Lara Parmiani (IT, UK),
Daiva Dominyka (Lithuania), Catharina Conte (Brazil), Luiana Bonfim (Angola/Portugal)

Casting and information

Closed Lands
A play directed by: Becka McFadden 
Assistant Director: Jonathan Millington
Translation: Laure Fernandez and LegalAliens
Light and projection design: Julien Bernard-Grau

3rd – 8th March 2020

The Vaults,
Leake Street,


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