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Feminine Feminine (Adj, f ) [feminε̃, in]: relating to woman, women / that looks like a woman. Since 2006, Exchange Theatre produces major unknown French plays in their first English version. After a two years creative residency at the French Institute, exploring bilingualism on stage, and a double production in both French and English of […]

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Introduction of The Cat in (re) boots Exchange Theatre is back on stage at the Brighton Fringe Festival with a new family show : The Cat in (re) boots ! With Kindness, Fraternity and Diversity, our anti-racist version reclaims Puss in Boots for what he really is: all he does is out of generosity and […]

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CLOSED LANDS by Simon Grangeat

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Introduction of Closed Lands The English premiere of Closed Lands (Terres Closes), by French award-winning playwright Simon Grangeat, performed by an all-female international cast as part of VAULT Festival. Why is the ‘free world’ obsessed with walls? A unique fusion of poetry, satire, reportage, and traveller’s diary, Closed Lands traces the history of modern walls – real […]

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BREAK OF NOON By Paul Claudel

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Presented by Exchange Theatre with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre. “Noon at the sun. Noon at the centre of our lives.” Presentation of Break of Noon The London premiere in English of Paul Claudel’s Break of Noon is on at Finborough Theatre as part of the 150-year anniversary of Finborough Theatre’s building – and […]

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NOOR, A True Story of Liberté

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Introduction of Noor, A True Story of Liberté Noor, A True Story of Liberté, the story of how a multi-cultural spy helped shape the world. Exchange Theatre presents a new devised family show about an inspiring historical heroine: Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan. In WW2, she was a secret agent and a super heroin undercover. She was […]


THE FLIES – 10 years anniversary production

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Double Offie nominated in 2018, Exchange Theatre are celebrating their first decade of work with an anniversary revival of their first critical and public success: Jean-Paul Sartre’s rebellious and highly political play The Flies. Introduction of The Flies The Flies is Jean-Paul Sartre’s take on the story of Electra and her brother Orestes.His thriller re-imagines […]

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THE GREAT EXPERIMENT with Border Crossings

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Introduction of The Great Experiment Exposing the little-known history of the Indian migrant labourers indentured to work on plantations around the world following the Abolition of Slavery, the award-winning Border Crossings brings The Great Experiment to audiences across London. This new work recounts the moment in history when more than two million Indians were indentured […]

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Misanthrope by MolièreThe Misanthrope, or the deepest play by Moliere, presented alternately in English and French from the 19th June till the 7th July 2018 at Camden People’s Theatre. Alceste is an honourable and outspoken man, in love with Célimene, a bright but slightly vain socialite. Tormented by a trial, he confides to his friend Philinte […]


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La Vie Eternelle by David Furlong “A very good play”, “A delight” , “An absolute must-see” – (Billet Reduc.com) La Vie Éternelle, a romantic comedy with a vampire ! Before BUSINESS (“An important piece” Fringereview, produced in 2007), before SQUARE(D) (produced in New Ambassadors Fresh Ideas 2010), there was LA VIE ETERNELLE, which David Furlong, […]

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UN AIR DE FAMILLE de Bacri et Jaoui

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Un Air de Famille de Bacri et JaouiLa pièce française primée est à nouveau présentée en alternance en anglais et en français, produite en association avec The Art Fabric au Drayton Arms Theatre. Avec une double distribution composée de Jamie Alderson, Nathalie Adam, Pauline Cousty, Alexander Devrient, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Guillaume Laroche. Jerry Marwood, […]