Spectacles de jeunes publics

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SPECTACLES DE JEUNES PUBLICS Nous sommes heureux de prĂ©senter ces pièces et adaptations aux Ă©coles: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge Peau d’Ane Antigone par Anouilh Le docteur malgrĂ© lui de Molière Des ateliers supplĂ©mentaires sont Ă©galement disponibles. BasĂ©s sur des causeries, des improvisations et des jeux, ils permettent aux Ă©lèves d’aborder une pièce et ses thèmes […]

Young audience shows and plays

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We are happy to present those plays and adaptations to schools: How to make a Good Little Riding Hood The Peau D’Ane Rehearsal Antigone by Anouilh The Doctor in Spite of Himself by Moliere Add on workshops are also available. Based on talks, improvisations and games, they allow pupils to approach a play and its […]

Languages for Pupils

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Drama based language workshops (French, Spanish, German) The aim of LANGUAGE FOR PUPILS is to show young students that they can understand and talk another language more than they think. The whole workshop will encourage them to use the vocabulary they know and learn some more, with very simple games and with the utmost fun, […]

Languages for kids

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Languages for Kids is a unique, bespoke French class for under 6s, the aim of the classes is to teach basic French. With songs, small games, images and music, we make French accessible specifically to this age group. After a few classes, the children are able to count, name few colours and even ask you […]