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Covid 19, ZOOM Service

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This year would have seen of our annual production (at Camden People Theatre). But with the covid lockdown, we had to close our studio-space, cancel all our rehearsals and auditions as well as our sources of income like hires or evening classes. We closed the office until it became appropriate to re-open.  A big THANK YOU to The […]

Corporate Coaching

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Devenir un Communic’Acteur Become a Communic’Actor “La capacitĂ© Ă  bien parler en public est la compĂ©tence la plus importante que puisse avoir un leader en politique ou dans le monde des affaires.” Aram Bakshian Jr “L’insaisissable petit plus qui sĂ©pare le simple manager du leader est cette maĂ®trise de soi, dont le leader ne se […]

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Language for students

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Language for students Languages for Students was designed to for secondary and A level students. In line with our education approach to share and discover, we adapt them the present literary works in keeping with the school curriculum. It allows students to go deeper into the author’s work with the use of improvisation, acting and […]

Language for Pupils

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Language for pupils, drama based language workshops The aim of LANGUAGE FOR PUPILS is to show young students that they can understand and talk another language more than they think. The whole workshop will encourage them to use the vocabulary they know and learn some more, with very simple games and with the utmost fun, […]

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Language for Kids

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Language for Kids Language for Kids is a unique, bespoke French class for under 6s, the aim of the classes is to teach basic French. With songs, small games, images and music, we make French accessible specifically to this age group. After a few classes, the children are able to count, name few colours and […]

coaching david furlong workshop


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Coaching Turn your weakness into strenght ! David Furlong uses his knowledge, experience and educational skills to help you get better. Whether you are a professional actor or a drama students, he welcomes you to tackle your weak points, to put you in context and to discuss the work you just achieved with this coaching. […]