MISANTHROPE at Bastille Festival 2017

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MOLIERE V/S FAKE NEWS: EXCHANGE THEATRE IN THE NEWSROOM The deepest play by Moliere presented alternately in English and French for the 10th Bastille Festival from the 13th June till the 8th July 2017 at the Drayton Arms Theatre. Alceste is an honourable and outspoken man, in love with Célimene, a bright but slightly vain […]

Weekend Master Classes : Moliere

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Exchange Theatre offers various master classes on a chose theme.  MOLIERE Exchange Theatre weekend masterclasses are a two day crash course taught by artistic director David Furlong. It is an opportunity to brush up skills and learn more on a chosen theme. Over two days, you will explore Moliere’s characters from the french Valet to […]

poster play médé kali laurent gaudé

MEDEE KALI by Laurent Gaudé

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Laurent Gaudé ‘s sequel to the myth Of MedeaMédée Kali: ‘Do you want to know what is that fear in my eyes, which contaminates passers by from just one look’. A graphic sequel to one of the most terrifying myth of Greek Antiquity, by genius living best-selling author Laurent Gaudé. Presentation of Médée Kali Médée […]

Cours de Théâtre en Français

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Le Workshop Le Workshop est un cours de théâtre pour néophytes et amateurs. Fort d’une expérience de 12 ans, le Workshop est divisé en quatre catégories : débutants, intermédiaires, avancés et amateurs. Assurés tout au long de l’année par des comédiens au sein d’une organisation théâtrale professionnelle reconnue en Angleterre, tous les cours sont en […]

poster plays a family affair and un air de famille jaoui bacri andy de la tour

A FAMILY AFFAIR adapted by Andy de la Tour

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A Family Affair adapted by Andy de la TourThe Award winning French play presented again alternately in English and French produced in association with The Art Fabric at The Drayton Arms Theatre. With two casts composed of Jamie Alderson, Nathalie Adam, Pauline Cousty, Alexander Devrient, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Guillaume Laroche, Jerry Marwood, Morgan Sebode, […]

extract play scrouge ghost david furlong

SCROUGE after Charles Dickens

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Scrouge after Charles DickensA Christmas Carol with a French TouchA bilingual musical comissioned by The Institut Francais du Royaume Uni Written after Charles Dickens and directed by David FurlongSet design by Fiametta HorvattWith Benedict Cooper, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong , Jimmy Jameson and Gabrielle Lemniai At the end of a two year young audience residency […]

poster play the flies 2009

THE FLIES (2009) by Jean-Paul Sartre

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Presentation of The Flies (2009) Sartre tells in The Flies “the tragedy of liberty against that of fatality”. The Flies are the symbol of the burden of fate. Fear is what drives people, today, to become, like in Argos, ghost like, fed by TV and sugary sodas. “THE FLIES meets Fight Club” is a raw […]

affiche pièce de théâtre bal trap xavier durringer

BAL TRAP by Xavier Durringer

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Bal Trap by Xavier DurringerTranslated by David Furlong and Fanny Dulin, directed by David FurlongMay 2011: Origin Theatre NYU, Off BroadwayOctober 2007: Stoked Festival, London ©éditions THÉÂTRALES, Paris for the original text. Présentation of the play Bal Trap by Xavier Durringer Lulu and Gino are coming back to the place where they first met in […]