Exchange Theatre's take on Yasmina Reza's classic play.

Written in 1994 and translated in 40 languages, Art by Yasmina Reza has been performed and awarded all over the world. "Moliere" awards in France, Tony Award for Best Foreign play in the US and Laurence Olivier Award in the UK. 25 years after its creation, it is being produced in the UK, at the Old Vic, and is selling out in Paris. After our successful runs of Parisian theatre success such as Un petit jeu sans conséquence and Cuisine et Dépendances, it was only natural to tackle this classic for the amdram theatre troupe from leading Off West End bilingual Exchange Theatre.

Three friends. Marc, Serge and Yvan. Their thirty year old friendship is challenged on the day Serge buys a painting entirely white. This is the starting point of a cataclysm between the three friends.

In these three iconic roles, our very own trio of the most loved and experienced amdram actors: Sebastien Benito, Alexandre Latour and David Kurtz . A unique opportunity to discover the play in the original FRENCH!

Press: https://www.londresmag.com/2019/05/09/exchange-theatre-redessine-lart-de-yasmina-reza-a-8-mains/

Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th May 2019

White Bear Theatre
138 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4DJ


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