During our 3 years residency at the French Institute, we create many shows:

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How to make a good little riding hood ?

Adapted by David Furlong. Directed and performed by Fanny Dulin. With Ben Cooper, John Mc Quaid and Charlotte Withaker.

Charles Perrault is certainly the most famous French author of Children's tales. He inspired Hoffman, Brothers Grimm and many more with his unequalled classic Children Stories: BlueBeard, Little Thumbling, Sleeping Beauty, and the Little Red Riding Hood. He's the most appropriate choice to open the Saturday French Tales season in January 2011. Exchange Theatre takes a look at what it is to be the most celebrated Children's writer in How to make a good Little Red Riding Hood.

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The untold story of Sleeping Beauty

Adapted for the stage and directed by David Furlong. With Fanny Dulin, Cassie Valance, David Furlong and Benedict Cooper.

In February the French Tales series makes us discover Anatole France, famous novelist, Nobel prize of Litterature in 1921, senator, and member of the Academie Francaise. In 1909, he published Les Sept Femmes de Barbe bleue et autres contes merveilleux, a series of magical and somehow unreasonnable tales, full of a surprising spirit and humour for a major writer who was considered as a classical novelist. Exchange Theatre adapts one of these hilarious tales: "The story of the duchess of Cicogne and M. De Boulingrin who slept a hundred years with Sleeping Beauty" where he explores what happens to other people than the princess when she fell asleep with her whole kingdom... Very witty and funny.

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March will explore Emile Zola as part of the mediatheque French Tales season. Before becoming one of the most published and translated popular French writers in the world with Therese Raquin (1867) and the Rougon Maxquart serie (1873-1883), before becoming the greatest Naturalist, Zola's very first book to get published as a struggling young author, was Tales to Ninon (1864). Exchange Theatre dives in those tales to present an unknown side of Emile Zola, as young man, romantic and playful telling stories about fairies in love and not-so-clever Prince charming in an eco-fable in advance of a century!

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Devised and performed by David Furlong and Alex Kanefsky.

Jules Verne pioneered the science-fiction genre. Best known for novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873). Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before any of it were even possible. He is the third most translated author in the world. In April, Exchange Theatre takes the young audience in a dazzling journey in "Master Zacharius, the watcmaker who lost his soul" an a forgotten tale about Clocks, Time and Madness.

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The Necklace

Adapted and directed by David Furlong. With Miranda Colmans and Leonor Lemee

Considered the father of modern short stories, from 1880 to 1890 he created more than 300 short stories and six major novels Bel Ami, Pierre et Jean, Une vie, only over one decade. In May, Exchange Theatre takes a look inside the prolific mind of Guy de Maupassant and recreates his world for the Institut Francais. With all the elements of his great litterature, mixing realism and supernatural, Passing through Maupassant will transform the Mediatheque into a terrific experience for all ages.

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Pictures of Love

Written and directed by Cassie Valance, based on "Omphale" and "The coffee pot" by Theophile Gautier.

Alongside Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset and Stendhal, Theophile Gautier is one of the most important French Romantic writer from the 19th Century. Mixing the beauty and the comedy, his most famous novels are Le capitaine Fracasse and The romance of the Mummy which inspired many modern movies. Exchange Theatre creates Pictures of Love in June 2011, inspired by two short stories by Gautier where paintings come alive and carpets fall in love.

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The Peau d'Ane Rehearsal

Adapted by Fanny Dulin and David Furlong. Directed and performed by David Furlong. With Ben Cooper, Fanny Dulin and Claire Meade.

A company of actors, a director and a technician have to play Peau d'âne, but they don't know the story. But the show must go on, and they need to perform the fairy tale! The magic of theatre operates when they discover a treasure... costumes! 'Let's improvise' says the director! And they start telling one of the craziest tales by Charles Perrault.

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Adapted, directed and performed by David Furlong. With Ben Cooper, Fanny Dulin and Magali Muxart.

The Title says it all ! Exchange Theatre's hilarious take on the Nutcracker ! The Nutcracker is certainly the most obvious Christmas tale. Written by Hoffman, and made famous by Tchaikovsky. Alexandre Dumas was asked to write a tale by a child and as he was falling asleep in a party, he was inspired to rewrite his version of the Nutcracker as an encouragement to never stop dreaming. It was the most appropriate choice for our first christmas show in December 2010 as Exchange Theatre turned the mediatheque upside down with a real candy castle and a real toy fight thrown together. NUT! led to the commission of the full seasons that ensued.