Many student from all over the world make their internship at Exchange Theatre.
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Former Interns:

Roxane Levecq 2013 Production
Fatimata Sao 2014 Production
Floriane Gracia 2014 Marketing
Florine Fouché 2014 Marketing
Louis Morize 2014 Multimédia
Ornella Grossi 2015 Production
Margaux Rousse 2016 Dévelopement
Zohra Chachou 2016 Marketing
Ulysse Beauvois 2016 Multimédia
Dharshini Soundararajah 2017 Marketing
Kani Konaté 2017 Dévelopement
Maelle Lapous 2017 Production
Clara Martins 2017 Marketing
Anaïs Le Pape 2017 Multimédia
Mathilde Aubourg 2017 Production

Kevin Pertusot 2017 Marketing




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