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Since 2007, Exchange Theatre has developed an educational branch in keeping with its main philosophy. Provided by professional actors, the workshops enable children and adults to discover or rediscover classics and contemporary pieces, to awake a sense of play and to boost their personal development.


Our first drama workshop for adults was born in 2007. Le Workshop is a unique drama class in London, especially for French-speaking expatriated people. The opportunity to practice drama in their native languages, taught by professional bilingual actors.

«Play is one of life’s learning curve»

Its pedagogical importance is well known and the benefits of a drama activity on an individual has long been proven: it creates for the child a solid base for their personal and social development. An artistic activity helps to channel their energy, enrich his imagination, body language and oral capacities. It promotes teamwork, reduces shyness in order for the adult and the child to increase their self-confidence, to get to know themselves and others better.


After launching our classes for adults, we were approached by English schools to teach languages to children through drama. This was an opportunity for us to develop a new form of theatre for children, a new philosophy based on games and pedagogy.

«Before five years old, it’s the golden age»

A child possesses many aptitudes which should be developed and nurtured, especially their capacity to adapt and assimilate. For example, a child is able to hear and reproduce foreign sounds identically. Moreover, learning a second language will increase their ability to synthesise and memorise as well as acquire a more open attitude towards other culture and thinking mode.

It’s with this objective that we have created French for Kids and L’Atelier. Thanks to those various workshops, we can offer a cultural, educational and original alternative for children no matter their level.