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Reward Scheme   £150 – logo sur la homepage du site – mention sur reseaux sociaux apres reception du paiement – invitations aux soirees privées. – logo on the site homepage, name on social networks, inviations to private events. £300  – logo sur homepage – mention sur reseaux sociaux 2 fois sur 6 mois – […]

Corporate Coaching

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QU’EST-CE QUE C’EST ? Nous sommes tous et toutes amenés à prendre la parole en public que ce soit dans un cadre professionnel ou privé. Nous n’avons cependant pas toujours appris à maîtriser l’art de l’exercice et encore moins à gérer le stress que génère une telle situation. Nous vous proposons une formation très complète destinée […]

Actors ( 2006-2017 )

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Toby Manley Kevin Goldings Anna Ruben Kevin Rowntree Robert Shilton Hannah Lean John Mc Quaid Paul Bruce Alexandre Liaume Allen Lidkey Heather Wilds Andrew Dowbiggin Niall Costigar Emma West Pierre Becker Miranda Colman Brett Foulser Shani Perez Adam Piercy Sadao Ueda George Xander Filipos Kanakaris Aqil Zahid Dilan Hookoomsing Stephan Palmyre Christophe Pigeot Nicolas  Fok […]

Story telling

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FRENCH TALES : Learn French Through Stories French Tales is a story-telling event written and created by Fanny Dulin, a French bilingual actress experienced in performing for and with children. It is a unique forty minutes of triggering the imagination, going on adventures and playing games, for the children ! It was first conceived especially […]


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L’ATELIER – BOOK STUDIES L’atelier special book studies was designed to for secondary and A level students. In line with our education approach to share and discover, we adapt them the present literary works in keeping with the school curriculum. It allows students to go deeper into the author’s work with the use of improvisation, […]

Young audience Shows and Plays

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YOUNG AUDIENCE SHOWS AND PLAYS                 We are happy to present those plays and adaptations to schools. How to make a Good Riding Hood The Peau D’Ane Rehearsal Antigone by Anouilh The Doctor in Spite of Himself by Moliere Add on workshops are also available. Based on talks, […]


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L’ATELIER (Languages drama based workshop) The aim of L’ATELIER is to show young students that they can understand and talk another language more than they think. The whole workshop will encourage them to use the vocabulary they know and learn some more, with very simple games and with the utmost fun, in keeping with the […]

French for Kids

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FRENCH FOR KIDS                     French for Kids is a unique, bespoke French class for under 6s, the aim of the classes is to teach basic French. With songs, small games, images and music, we make French accessible specifically to this age group. After a few classes, […]